5 Ways to use mirror as a decor

  1. Mirrored walls!

  • A popular mirror trick used by most interior designers is to use a mirror to make a room look larger.
  • Playing around with the reflection tricks the eye into thinking that there is more space than it really is.


2. Brighten up your home

  • A mirror will harness any daylight possible so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space.
  • To let the light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room.


3. Create a statement

  • If you want to look for an affordable way to add a feature to your home, using mirrors can be the best option.
  • Statement mirrors are a great way to add style & elegance to the space!


4. Bring in the nature

  • Another benefit of using mirrors is that it can help bring the outdoor in & give your room a view.
  • A mirror placed opposite the window will help sprinkle sunlight throughout the room & create a bright, cheery atmosphere.


5. Decorate your surroundings

  • Last but not least, small mirrors always make for fuss-free and functional decor pieces.
  • They beautify the area and provide functionality around the house.


  1. Join The Queue Early

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2. Receive more attention than before

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3. More time spent at home

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4. Countless good deals!

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5. Increased value

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  • Using Headboard Storage

Headboards aren’t just a feature for your bedroom, they can also work as a functional storage space. Headboard designs can perfectly blend in with the overall interior look & make use of small spaces.


  • Platforms

The platform bed provides an additional storage space with compartments built under your mattress. Aside from being extremely durable, built-ins are fully customisable & versatile!


  • Bed-frame Storage

Maximize unused spaces by creating storage space around your bed.  It will keep the room sleek & neat yet full of storage.


  • Concealed Storage

Concealed storage is another solution for small bedrooms since it doesn’t take up visual space. It creates a clean & seamless look while minimizing clutter & mess.


  • Make use of recess spaces

In every houses, there are always a lot of unnecessary recess spaces. Putting display shelves at recessed areas is always a good way to showcase your favourite ornaments.





        1. Warm Colours
        • Red, orange, and yellow
        • Creates a comfortable & welcoming mood
        • Recommended Usage: Living Room, Walkway, and Accent Colour.  


        2. Cool Colours

        • Green, blue, and violet
        • Creates a soothing & calm atmosphere.   
        • Recommended Usage: Bedroom & Bathroom!


        3. Neutral Colours

        • Beige, black, gray and shades of white
        • Creates a classy & timeless look.
        • Neutral colours can be used in every part of the house! 

        Colour is a powerful communication tool that can influence mood and physiological reactions! Choosing a suitable color to match the functionality of a room is a design process you can’t neglect.

        1. Using color to inspire creativity

        Psychological studies suggest that colours influence mood, attitude, behavior and stimulate brain and body.

        Choosing the right colour is also good for eyesight:

        • Warm colours like red, orange and yellow elicit hapiness
        • Cool colours like blue and green evoke calmness


        2. Space for kids and parents

        Family bonding plays an important part in a child’s growth having sufficient playtime aids in a child’s development. It’s always good to have a specific area that belongs to family playtime.


        3. Small storage cultivate good habits

        A small storage does not only serve a simple purpose just to keep little one’s stuff. It can also help our kids to cultivate good habits to always put things back in their original position.


        4. AVOID reachable SHARP and unsafe items

        As parents, safety is the first priority to our kids.  Design the carpentry where dangerous items are kept high away from childrens’ reach and request for curve fittings to prevent accidents.


        5. Writable surface to unleash their potential

        Kids are encouraged to explore different activities to discover their potential talents, home design that incorporate with a writable area where kids can explore their artistic thoughts and mind into pictures or words. Parents can save the hassle to worry about their kids’ drawings on other surfaces that are hard to remove.


        6. Ample space

        Space planning is important especially when we plan for our kids. Careful space planning allows ample area where kids can roam freely and parents get to clean the house more effectively.

              1. Plants as a Repellent

              There are plants that repel mosquitoes. Among them are

              • Citronella
              • Lemongrass
              • Tulsi
              • Neem

              To further decorate your plants, you can install shelvings to display your plants! Remember to check out for stagnant water at the base of your pots and planter boxes.


              2. Install screens for windows 

              Screens can prevent mosquitoes while still ensuring your home remains ventilated. You can install screens over your windows and balcony area. There are many types of screens available, including permanent and removable ones.


              3. Use mozzie guard


              • Durable & washable film
              • Good stain resistance
              • Good fungus & mould resistance
              • Low Odour
              • DEET- Free
              • NEA registered


              4. Pick lighter shades for your home

              Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat retained by dark colors. Lighter colors are more likely to reflect heat, so mosquitoes are less likely to notice it. Incorporate light colors into furniture, walls, curtains & carpentry.


              5. Use surface materials that are cool to the touch

              Mosquitos are attracted to warmth and thrive under humidity. To keep your home cool, select other stylish materials like natural stone, marble, cement or porcelain tiles.

              1. Modern Luxe

              Along with the use of bold colors & lighting, you can expect to see a lot of gold accents, heavy ornamentation & lots of accessories.

              This style is loud & displays the epitome of extravagance.

              Photos from project @ Cashew Road ( Click here to check it out! )

              2. Classic Elegance

              Elegant design also involves cleanliness in the lines of your space. Classic elegance, with its clean lines & forms creates a timeless & sophisticated finish.

              Photos from project @ Tampines North ( Click here to check it out! )

              3. Rustic Industrial

              Utilizing raw materials & implementing monochromatic colors can bring in the rustic industrial design to your living room space. It is easy to maintain and bold, creating a statement in your home.


              4. Resort

              The simple use of wood fittings can give your small bathroom a resort feel. Not only does it look good, the extra space created is a great storage option.

              1. Modern Luxury

              You can make your modern interior designs more luxurious by emulating a lot of natural light, using clean design, and choosing to go with minimalism.

              Photos from project @ Cashew Road ( Click here to check it out! )

              2. Monochromatic 

              Monochromatic spaces are a popular trend in interior design. Layering shades of color with a common hue create a stunning look.


              3. Contemporary

              The contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines.


              4. Classy Chic

              A sense of calm washes through these interiors with base undertones of black, grey and brown. Modern lighting schemes are at play, with contemporary light designs and recessed ceiling strips.

              Photo #2 from project @ Tembeling Road ( Click here to check it out! )

              5. Scandinavian

              Scandinavian design is distinguished by it’s soft, pale colour palette. Think pale greys and cremes, blond timbers which add a sense of fresh lightness.

              1. Muji-Inspired

              Practical yet stylish, there’s something about the brand’s airy, clean-cut aesthetic that also makes it perfect for Singapore’s compact spaces.

              Photos from project @ Tampines North ( Click here to check it out! )

              2. Zen

              Zen style make use of natural materials, patterns of light, and space. A Zen home is meant to be relaxing, contemplative and visually balanced, and appealing.


              3. Modern

              With modern homes, incorporate a simple color pallette, crisp, clean lines, high-end furniture and artwork to provide the feeling of calmness and relaxation.


              4. Minimalistic

              A minimalist-designed space incorporates an open floor plan and lots of light. All these create a soothing and inviting space that has a timeless aesthetic.


              5. Classic

              It takes attention to detail and the right combination of ingredients to achieve a classic design. This style is timeless, bringing together beauty from contemporary touches.


              1. Contemporary 

              Contemporary kitchen design is one of the favorite choices for most homeowners. It is a simple kitchen design but packed with elegance and beauty.

              Photos from project @ Cashew Road ( Click here to check it out! )

              2. Scandinavian

              Its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, along with its brilliant use of natural materials are the main reasons for its popularity among homeowners.


              3. Rustic

              By incorporating rustic elements into your kitchen, you can achieve a soothing mix of modern functionality and farmhouse style.


              4. Coastal

              Coastal kitchens are all about using bright, airy designs and color schemes to create a serene space for family and friends to gather.

              Photo #2 from project @ Tembeling Road ( Click here to check it out! )

              5. Monochromatic

              Monochromatic kitchens create a more timeless canvas to work with. Timeless designs remain stylish long after other “trendy” kitchens are out of date.


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