5 ways to add pastel colours into your home

1. Start with Art

If you are looking to add a touch of pastel to the home, starting with art, is always a good idea.  Art is the perfect way to add a touch of your own personality into a space.

2. Blend in with your carpentry

Look to lighter colored woods such as white oak and lighter maple to compliment your pastel decor and appointments.

3. Go bold with your walls

If you’re up for going bold, consider incorporating pastel hues into your home. These shades are sure to take your home to the next level.

4. Pastel Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are one of the most versatile furniture pieces in the home.  They easily move from one spot to another and look great in almost every room.

5. Pretty Pastel Planters

Planters are a great way to elevate your plant game. A great way to bring pastel colors into the home without a huge commitment.

  1. Place large furniture strategically

This is the easiest way to get ample sunlight into your living space.  If you own bulky furniture, make sure they aren’t placed directly in front of windows where most of the daylight enters from.

2. Use translucent curtains

A smarter alternative to tap on the natural light yet not compromise on privacy is installing sheer curtain/ blinds. It creates a softer effect.

3. Lighten up your walls and ceiling

Opt for lighter shades like white, beige, grey and lavender, that are generally more luminous and emphasize the presence of natural light.

4. Add mirrors strategically

Mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they trick the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, depending on where they are placed.

  1. Focus on frequently used areas

  • When remodeling your home, you should always pay special attention to the toilets and kitchen.
  • These two locations will be used extensively and, as a result, will be subjected to the greatest amount of wear and tear.

2. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference.

  • Homeowners often underestimate the benefits of a good paint job. Aside from making your home look appealing, choosing the right color can help set the mood.

3. Avoid the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

  • Some simple, low-cost upgrades include faucets, shower doors, and lighting. All three of these items are inexpensive, simple to repair, and have an immediate aesthetic impact.

4. Don’t forget shade and privacy

  • Curtains and blinds play a vital part in your home, and they can easily transform the look of a room.
  • It can be used in a wide range of interiors due to the greater variety of materials, finishes, and colors available.

5. Give your flooring a fresh look!

  • Polish your tiles to give it a brand new look or consider overlaying them with vinyl flooring
  • Vinyl tiles or strips can be installed over existing tiles, saving money on hacking!


You put a priority on functionality and efficiency, and you’re drawn to raw, natural beauty.

Although flashy and ornate aren’t your style, you have an eye for exquisite details and enjoy expressing yourself through one-of-a-kind items.

Glamour Galore

This type of individual enjoys the finer things in life and likes to showcase their passion.

They enjoy socializing and frequently open their home to gatherings. The emphasis in such spaces is on simplicity while maintaining a sense of elegance.


People who are reclusive and enjoy perfectionism are said to favor the minimalist style.

Typically chosen by individuals who dislike messiness and colours. Their interiors are highly practical and aesthetic in nature.

Nautical Escape

    You put in a lot of effort, and you want your surroundings to reflect that.

    The pieces you own are a reflection of your bright personality, with splashes of color and distinctly current styles. You’re not scared to flaunt your adventurous side and showcase your personality.

    1.  Storage Space

    • Yes, the headboard is not just the decor element of your bedroom, but that also can have the function of storage as long as you are creative.

    2. No need for bulky lamps!

    • You won’t have to worry about knocking over your table lamp with the built-in lighting fixture. It saves space while providing adequate lighting!

    3. Illusion of a higher ceiling

    • Vertical cove lighting emphasizes the length of the ceiling, making it appear higher than it is.

    4. Express yourself

    • Since your bedroom is the most intimate and personal space in your home, it should be designed to reflect your personal style.

    5. Hide your wires!

    • There will be no more exposed wiring and it gives your bedroom a sleek appearance.
    1. Create a facade

    • You can turn your household shelter into a concealed door and turning the wall into a feature wall that creates the effect of a longer, more spacious space.

    2. Use wallpaper

    • There are hardly any downsides to decorating your household shelter with wallpaper – Plus, it’s guaranteed to bring a pop of color to your home!

    3. TV wall

    • If you have a Household shelter that faces your living room, you can turn it into a TV wall that is both functional and aesthetic.
    1. Cove lights

    • Cove lights create the illusion of a taller room and they are also great for adding ambiance to a space.

    2. Blend In

    • Paint your ceiling the same color as your walls to remove the visual line.

    3. Full-length mirror

    • If you’re using mirrors in your house, place them closer to the top of the ceiling to create the illusion of a taller space.

    4. Make cabinets ‘invisible’

    • If you’re building cabinets, consider going handleless and matching the color of your cabinet with the ceiling. This helps to blend your cabinets with the ceiling, giving the impression of a taller space.
      1. Mirrored walls!

      • A popular mirror trick used by most interior designers is to use a mirror to make a room look larger.
      • Playing around with the reflection tricks the eye into thinking that there is more space than it really is.


      2. Brighten up your home

      • A mirror will harness any daylight possible so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space.
      • To let the light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room.


      3. Create a statement

      • If you want to look for an affordable way to add a feature to your home, using mirrors can be the best option.
      • Statement mirrors are a great way to add style & elegance to the space!


      4. Bring in the nature

      • Another benefit of using mirrors is that it can help bring the outdoor in & give your room a view.
      • A mirror placed opposite the window will help sprinkle sunlight throughout the room & create a bright, cheery atmosphere.


      5. Decorate your surroundings

      • Last but not least, small mirrors always make for fuss-free and functional decor pieces.
      • They beautify the area and provide functionality around the house.


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      5. Increased value

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      • Using Headboard Storage

      Headboards aren’t just a feature for your bedroom, they can also work as a functional storage space. Headboard designs can perfectly blend in with the overall interior look & make use of small spaces.


      • Platforms

      The platform bed provides an additional storage space with compartments built under your mattress. Aside from being extremely durable, built-ins are fully customisable & versatile!


      • Bed-frame Storage

      Maximize unused spaces by creating storage space around your bed.  It will keep the room sleek & neat yet full of storage.


      • Concealed Storage

      Concealed storage is another solution for small bedrooms since it doesn’t take up visual space. It creates a clean & seamless look while minimizing clutter & mess.


      • Make use of recess spaces

      In every houses, there are always a lot of unnecessary recess spaces. Putting display shelves at recessed areas is always a good way to showcase your favourite ornaments.





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