How to maximize bedroom storage

How to maximize bedroom storage

| September 20, 2020

  • Using Headboard Storage

Headboards aren’t just a feature for your bedroom, they can also work as a functional storage space. Headboard designs can perfectly blend in with the overall interior look & make use of small spaces.


  • Platforms

The platform bed provides an additional storage space with compartments built under your mattress. Aside from being extremely durable, built-ins are fully customisable & versatile!


  • Bed-frame Storage

Maximize unused spaces by creating storage space around your bed.  It will keep the room sleek & neat yet full of storage.


  • Concealed Storage

Concealed storage is another solution for small bedrooms since it doesn’t take up visual space. It creates a clean & seamless look while minimizing clutter & mess.


  • Make use of recess spaces

In every houses, there are always a lot of unnecessary recess spaces. Putting display shelves at recessed areas is always a good way to showcase your favourite ornaments.





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