How colours create ambiance in houses

How colours create ambiance in houses

Divine & Glitz | July 25, 2020

  1. Warm Colours
  • Red, orange, and yellow
  • Creates a comfortable & welcoming mood
  • Recommended Usage: Living Room, Walkway, and Accent Colour.  


2. Cool Colours

  • Green, blue, and violet
  • Creates a soothing & calm atmosphere.   
  • Recommended Usage: Bedroom & Bathroom!


3. Neutral Colours

  • Beige, black, gray and shades of white
  • Creates a classy & timeless look.
  • Neutral colours can be used in every part of the house! 

Colour is a powerful communication tool that can influence mood and physiological reactions! Choosing a suitable color to match the functionality of a room is a design process you can’t neglect.

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