Creating a kids friendly home

Creating a kids friendly home

Divine & Glitz | July 19, 2020

  1. Using color to inspire creativity

Psychological studies suggest that colours influence mood, attitude, behavior and stimulate brain and body.

Choosing the right colour is also good for eyesight:

  • Warm colours like red, orange and yellow elicit hapiness
  • Cool colours like blue and green evoke calmness


2. Space for kids and parents

Family bonding plays an important part in a child’s growth having sufficient playtime aids in a child’s development. It’s always good to have a specific area that belongs to family playtime.


3. Small storage cultivate good habits

A small storage does not only serve a simple purpose just to keep little one’s stuff. It can also help our kids to cultivate good habits to always put things back in their original position.


4. AVOID reachable SHARP and unsafe items

As parents, safety is the first priority to our kids.  Design the carpentry where dangerous items are kept high away from childrens’ reach and request for curve fittings to prevent accidents.


5. Writable surface to unleash their potential

Kids are encouraged to explore different activities to discover their potential talents, home design that incorporate with a writable area where kids can explore their artistic thoughts and mind into pictures or words. Parents can save the hassle to worry about their kids’ drawings on other surfaces that are hard to remove.


6. Ample space

Space planning is important especially when we plan for our kids. Careful space planning allows ample area where kids can roam freely and parents get to clean the house more effectively.

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