5 Popular Kitchen Themes

5 Popular Kitchen Themes

| June 10, 2020

  1. Contemporary 

Contemporary kitchen design is one of the favorite choices for most homeowners. It is a simple kitchen design but packed with elegance and beauty.

Photos from project @ Cashew Road ( Click here to check it out! )

2. Scandinavian

Its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, along with its brilliant use of natural materials are the main reasons for its popularity among homeowners.


3. Rustic

By incorporating rustic elements into your kitchen, you can achieve a soothing mix of modern functionality and farmhouse style.


4. Coastal

Coastal kitchens are all about using bright, airy designs and color schemes to create a serene space for family and friends to gather.

Photo #2 from project @ Tembeling Road ( Click here to check it out! )

5. Monochromatic

Monochromatic kitchens create a more timeless canvas to work with. Timeless designs remain stylish long after other “trendy” kitchens are out of date.


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