Tips for new homeowners: BTO Checklist

Tips for new homeowners: BTO Checklist

| May 12, 2020

  1. Set up & activate your utility account

This way, you’ll be able to switch on the water and test your power points.

2. Measuring  Tape

It helps to have a measuring tape on hand in case you need to measure specific areas and vertical space.


3. Masking tape and markers

Use the masking tape to mark out defects, and the marker to write on the tape.


4. Foldable chairs (or cardboard)

You can have somewhere to sit while waiting for contractors, deliveries, and SP services.


5. Your floorplan

For easier reference and to mark out the location of M&E points, M&E lighting, window openings, and furniture space.


6. Torchlight

Even if you visit during the day, you would need to check darker corners such as bomb shelters & bathrooms, etc.



7. Portable Fan

Cool down by bringing along a portable fan and opening the windows.


Well, you are all set and ready to go! We will also be here to assist you if you need help to achieve your dream house.

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