Tips on planning your home interior with LED lights

Tips on planning your home interior with LED lights

| April 16, 2020


Living room is the key place where Family members gather, LED lights can be used to create an ambient light environment. Planner should also consider dimmable lights in this premise, any glare or strong shadows should be eliminated.



To ensure cleanliness and ease of doing tasks, the kitchen should be lit up with wide-angle lights. Under-cabinet lighting can also be used in the kitchen. Narrow beam lights can be used to highlight Kitchen Island, pantries & counter areas.



The dining room requires ambient lighting with little more focus on the table.  Hanging or pendant type of lights are more suitable for the effect and aesthetic.  It will make your dining space look beautiful and functional!



The bedroom doesn’t need heavy lighting.  You can use accent lighting to highlight photo frames or art pieces. There should be provision for reading light and floor light in the bedroom. By Using a cool-light shade, eye strain can be reduced during reading.

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